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Emily and Greg’s Elegant Wedding at The Athenaeum

When we arrived, a slight breeze ran through the large tree overhead giving off the only sound within earshot. It was a peaceful start to what would be an elegant occasion. Like a well-crafted song, the day began to build slowly, with accents perfectly placed and timed.

Emily and her girls waited in the bridal room of the Athanaeum as Greg and his boys shared stories and got ready in the library.

The great thing about love and story is the timeless nature of its relationship. What draws us to care for another so much that we would fix our heart to theirs than our attraction and understanding of their story. And it is often when someone else truly understands our story and knows us, that we return our heart to them.

Words couldn’t be more true than with Emily and Greg, and what followed was memorable.

A small gift arrived from Emily, and Greg immediately claimed, Here we go. I know she’s going to try to make me laugh and cry.

With much anticipation he read the card; an intimate collection of words crafted to touch his heart. He then opened the gift to find a small locket. He immediately pinched the tears welling up in his eyes between his thumb and forefinger, took a deep breath and continued opening his gift to find a candy bar and a single-serving mini-bottle of Jameson. With that little touch, Greg lifted his head, eyes red and shining, and couldn’t help but start to laugh. His laughter was contagious, and before the rest of us could get choked up in the library of the Athanaeum, he had us rolling in laughter.

Emily and Greg were meant for each other, and in that moment I learned why. Thank you for sharing such a special part of your story with us. We are thrilled to share your photos with the world.

Much thanks to Carissa and her team at JL Designs for her incredible floral design and to the entire staff at the Athanaeum in Pasadena for setting the stage for an incredible and elegant wedding.

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Amy and Mike Get Married at Estancia La Jolla

She opened the box inside of a box inside of another box, only to unfold a note from her soon-to-be-husband. And though it was Amy that was opening up the gift, we all sat back and watched Mike open up her heart.

It is something special when a man knows… really knows… the heart that he has captured. And anyone that has come in contact with Amy and Mike would tell you that Mike knows Amy. He knows who his beloved is at her core.

And so the day unfolded layer after layer, as an inspiring celebration of these two people, their love for each other, and the love their friends & family have for them. Much thanks to Merilee and her team at Ever After Events for taking the lead, to Annette Gomez for her incredible floral design and to the entire staff at Estancia La Jolla for making us feel like family.

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The Dance

Is this real life she said, literally pinching herself as we danced. For me, words were absent, which most will tell you is quite rare. All I could do was smile. So, for a few brief moments my little sister and I danced, all the while smiling, and that was enough.

It has not been an easy road for either of us. But it never is. And without comparing one tragedy to another, I will simply state that there have been a couple of significant mile markers in each of our journeys that though they don’t define us, have altered our course. One such moment, and probably the most severe, is when we lost our youngest sister Courtney to Leukemia.

At the time that Court was called into heaven, and as you do when you lose someone close to you, especially someone so young (Court was 19 at the time), I waded repetetively in my thoughts. There was one such thought that I could not escape. It seemed so trivial relative to the circumstances, but I still couldn’t shake it.

I’ll never get to dance with her at her wedding.

I would think that over and over. In silence. In traffic. At work. Over and over. I think part of the tenacity of that one thought came from it’s finality. There would be no way for me to dance with Courtney at her wedding, and I felt like that would have been something I would have not only enjoyed but remembered fondly for my entire life. And at the time, since Ashley had already started her family with Cash, I saw no resolve to that little twinge of grief.

But as I mentioned before, there have been some significant mile markers in each of our journeys, and not long ago my sister Ashley’s story changed in a big way. In walks Cody Bacon. And with a name like that, what’s not to love. My wife would relay the text message chain back and forth she’d have with Ash and how giddy she was through the entire courtship. I’d hear how Cody was taking to Cash and Charlie, my sister’s two children, and how they were taking to him.

And then one day… last summer… above the trees… in Lake Tahoe… Cody Bacon asked my sister to marry him. And after more than 7 years of grieving the loss of not getting to dance with my baby sister at her wedding, I finally got that chance.

I love you Ashley. And I hope these photos are enough of a thank you for that dance.

Thank you to the staff at Bard Mansion in Port Hueneme. Extra extra thanks to Tara of Sweet Blossom Designs for pulling out all the stops with the florals. And to my mom. Mom, you laid it all out there on this one, and I just wanted to say that you throw an epic party. I love you.

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