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Yearly Archives: 2011

A Los Angeles Wedding At The Marvimon – Amy and Tom

it happened almost instantly. he finished the long list of reasons why he loved her, highlighting her creativity in making up words to describe things. like… ricrazilous… a combination of the words ridiculous and crazy, which accurately explained how much he loves her. and like i said, it happened almost instantly. in a moment, he […]

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A St Regis Wedding – Brooke and Rick

for a couple days, the rain came in. and despite all the it’s-good-luck-if-it-rains-on-your-wedding-day comments, brooke and rick prayed for sunshine. so, when the sun rose this past friday and cut through the clouds that had taken residence over southern california for the week, everyone was pleased. needless to say… all was good. on separate wings […]

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An Island Wedding On Santa Catalina – Kathleen and Bob

for the first time that day, the sun crept through the clouds and cheers danced across the water from the nearby boat races. 26 miles across the sea, on the little island of santa catalina, excitement began to brew. and though we all made the occasional turn towards the finish line, in hopes of catching […]

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