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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Venice Beach Engagement Photography – Steph and Bobby

when the random boy walked up to steph that day on the beach and ever-so-innocently invited her to play a little smash ball with him, and a ‘yeah… sure’ slipped out of her lips, she surprised even herself with the response and had no idea that a few years later that random boy on the […]

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A Barnyard Wedding – Katie and Steven

they met in college and for both katie and steven’s parents, it was literally an answer to prayer. at the reception, katie’s mom thanked steven’s parents [rightfully] for raising such an incredible young man, and then shared how she had been praying for years, for the man that would one day marry her little girl. […]

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Maravilla Gardens Wedding Photography – Lauren and Andrew

before they decided to make their life together, lauren and andrew were leading their lives with intention, knowing that their other half was out there somewhere. and before they were to begin their new life together in their familie‚Äôs quaint little farm house, they had a trek planned to central america. and before they made […]

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