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A Calamigos Ranch Wedding – Stacy and Kevin

the air was light and calm.  very little scurrying.  very little rushing.  almost no nerves.  pretty rare for the wedding day.

but, such is the air that stacy and kevin bring.

since their engagement shoot in manhattan beach, we had been looking forward to the wedding day, which did anything but disappoint.  with the jesi haack team on point, and my sweet and saucy shop closing out the night, we had the simple pleasure of settling into our favorite role; that of an artist/friend.  one that just happens to hold the invitation to artfully tell the story between bride and groom… between stacy and kevin.

as a business owner… as a creative… as a busy-busy-bee… i can’t tell you how thankful we are to have clients like stacy and kevin.  stacy and kevin are clear on what is important to them, and are able to communicate that, without being demanding.  they are understanding that carlie & i have their best in heart, but we also have a business to run and a family to invest in.  they are friends.

and we are thrilled to share their story!!  here it is…

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An Engagement Shoot At Temescal Gateway Park – Ashley and Cory

i rolled down the windows, turned off the ignition, and slowly rapped the steering wheel to the melodic tune.  as the radio continued singing, i sat parked under the trees of temescal gateway park, nestled in the santa monica mountains.  the marine layer crept into the canyon slowly, and gave off not only a wonderful blanket of soft light, but a calming, in my parking spot, i waited for ashley and cory to arrive and begin their engagement shoot.

when they pulled up in their volkswagen, though having already won a place in my heart after our initial meeting, ashley and cory re-secured my affinity for their story.  any volkswagen fan is a fan of mine.

the shoot was epic.  our time was splendid.  and ashley, cory, and i hope you enjoy the photos.i can’t wait for the wedding day next summer, at which, i recently discovered, gabriel.ryan.photographers. will be but a small part of an all-star crew, to include lindye galloway at the helm, and eric trine mixing the beats.  we can’t wait!

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A Manhattan Beach Engagement Shoot – Stacy and Kevin

they were there for the sole purpose of checking out other people. but neither of them was interested, in physical appearance; at least, not on the surface. rather, they looked deeper into their subjects… to bones, to ligaments, to muscle tissue. stacy and kevin met in anatomy class.

stacy was the TA. kevin was one of the students. and when stacy found herself quizzing kevin, after mutual friends had talked about setting the two up, it turned from being strictly educational inquisition to a little something more. now, with that anatomy class 4 years behind them, stacy and kevin pulled two large hand-crafted skateboards out of the back of kevin’s truck, and rushed down to the boardwalk to catch the sunset, beach-side on their boards.

since stacy and kevin had found us online, this was my first time connecting with them in person, and i must say the pleasure was all mine. stacy and kevin, thank you… we look forward to fall, and the wonderful responsibility gabriel.ryan.photographers. will play in the telling of your story, as you tie the knot in september.

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