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Cheyenne and Sean Are Engaged

Theirs was a different kind of long distance relationship. When boy met girl, it was while they were travlling long distances together.

Cheyenne had left home to travel the world, and her talents as a dancer landed her on the proverbial bus of a traveling musical theatre group. The thought of performing, acting as a real life working artist, and doing it all while traveling the world, was intoxicating. Meeting The (with a capital ‘T’) man of her dreams was the last priority on her bucket list as she joined the crew.

But, when she met the stage hand from Florida, she was intrigued. It turns out this boy had a name… his name was Sean… and though she probably didn’t know it just yet, he would be The One.

Years later, here we our, our paths crossed much thanks to this wonderful industry. Cheyenne is a professional photographer and Carlie & I feel fortunate enough to have connected thru mutual friends in the industry. It’s always an honor when someone picks you to shoot their wedding, especially a colleague. So, this time, it is Cheyenne’s turn to be on the other side of the lens, and we couldn’t help but share a handful of favorites from their engagement shoot.

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Tina and Joey Get Married at Talega

A few weeks ago, we made our way from Laguna down to Tina and Joey’s classy wedding at Talega Golf Club & Resort in San Clemente.

Upon arrival, Carlie and I started collecting a few of the details to photograph before the timeline would start to pick up speed. We set up the shoes, the dress, and a few other pieces like the custom emergency kit prepared by one of the bridesmaids. And just before it came time to don the dress, there was a knock on the door.

In walked Joey’s older brother, Brett… not with one gift, but with a stack of them. He shuffled past the makeup kits and curling irons, to the edge of the room where Tina sat, and he announced that yes there were many gifts and yes there was a specific order. She started with a single card, and proceeded to open gift after gift, and those of us in the room all felt like we were watching a scene from ‘The Notebook’ unfold before us. Tina opened up an easel, and paints, and all the intricacies required to bring back her old passion for painting.

Then, after the final gift, and a closing letter from Joey professing his adoration and commitment… after all of that… came the encore.

Brett set down his iPhone atop the bed, tapped the screen and we all waited with baited breath. A melodic tune, a single guitar, bounced out of the little black screen, and before long we were all laughing at the tune we recognized as ‘Lady in Red’ now adapted as ‘Lady in White’ as Joey sang his own lyrics just for his bride. The song moved from a romantic serenade to an upbeat rap, and though it was definitely entertaining that song was so much more.

It was obvious that Joey had fallen for Tina, and that he is the kind of man willing to risk it all for the woman he loves. There is no better picture of love, and Carlie & I are so excited for you two. Your great-grandparents have set the bar high, and it was so great to have them there on your wedding day. But now, it’s your turn. And, we can’t wait for the next 62 years, if we are that lucky to still be around, to hear the stories you will create – stories that all started on a single day, with a single song, between two people madly in love.

Behind every great wedding is a great team of wedding vendors. Much thanks to those we had the pleasure to work alongside for Tina and Joey’s wedding at Talega Golf Club in San Clemente: Tara of Sweet Blossom Designs : Austin and Josh of Paperback Weddings : Tim Espinosa of Invisible Touch DJ’s : All Smiles Photobooth : Pastor Josh Griffin : Michael of Talega Golf Club :

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Calamigos Wedding Photography – Steph and Bobby

When it comes to directing the details, there’s none better than Steph. Whether it be a Hollywood gala or an award’s ceremony after-party, Steph has designed and coordinated some of the best events the past few years have seen.

This is the first time, however, that she would be center-stage.

Months after booking their wedding, we were finally able to coordinate busy schedules and calendar Steph and Bobby’s Venice Beach Engagement Shoot. After spending some time together, and getting to know them better, I was even more excited for their wedding day, slated for the summer at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. I got a sneek peak into what the wedding day would hold.

From the vintage cocktail decor brought in by the bride’s company Best Events, to the hand-made signs, to the flip book photo booth, every detail was in place… leaving way for what was be most important; for Steph & Bobby to celebrate their wedding with those they love most.

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