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A Wedding at the Historic Cottage in San Clemente – Diane and Jerry

With energy continuing to pulse thru the courtyard of the historic cottage, the DJ cued the last song of the evening. Their guests circled round, while Diane and Jerry clung to each other at the heart of the dance floor. Together, the entire group joined in belting out the final ballad of the evening, glass and loved-one in hand.

If anything were true, by freezing that one moment in time, you could tell that Diane and Jerry are truly loved.

There’s something to be said for the company you keep. You can tell a lot about a person, or couple, by those they keep close. So, it was no surprise that on Diane and Jerry’s wedding day, the intimate gathering was full of passionate and caring people.

Diane and Jerry are the benefactors of a whole host of people that care intently and live passionately. As such, Diane and Jerry are passionate and caring people.

We shared a bit of their story along with the photos from their engagement shoot, and we couldn’t be happier to complete the story with their wedding photos below. Enjoy.

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Spanish Style Wedding at Estancia – Jenna and Robbie

They kissed. Music erupted. And a small wave of maraca’s shook back and forth upon their exit. And as Jenna and Robbie made their way back down the aisle, this time together, and this time as husband and wife, their guests turned their gaze to follow the newlyweds out. It was then that their guests realized the recessional music was not emitting from the speakers, but rather from a live 6-piece marriachi band that had snuck in behind the ceremony just prior to the pronouncement; a surprise that Jenna and Robbie had planned specifically for the enjoyment of their guests.

The marriachi band, however, was not the only detail planned with such care. With Lindye Galloway in charge of design and implementation, Jenna and Robbie took cues from the Spanish-style venue, Estancia La Jolla.

Their ceremony was sprinkled with special touches from friends: one of their closest friends officiated the whole thing while another group of friends played a special song for everybody in the middle of it all. And the cocktail hour, then reception to follow, was one that won’t be forgotten.

Thank you, Jenna and Robbie, for being awesome! I mean, who doesn’t like a little mariachi…

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Montage Wedding Photography – Amy and Jeff

Carlie and I pulled up to The Montage Laguna Beach under a crisp blue sky, ready for the day ahead. We took a quick moment to huddle up with our friends Drew and Chad from Shade Tree Films and Carolyn from The Special Day… and then our work began; to capture the details… the moments… that would tell Amy and Jeff’s story.

From start to finish, it was apparent that Amy and Jeff were so grateful to celebrate with their friends and family. The day flowed effortlessly, in part due to the top-notch coordinating from Carolyn’s team, and in part because of Amy and Jeff themselves. You can’t help but be affected by their positive spirit. And as was such with all of us that were fortunate enough to participate in their wedding.

It can be said that nothing grounds a person more than loss; nothing gives greater importance to life. And with an empty seat at the table for Jeff’s father, the newlyweds embodied a sense of honor and gratitude. Quite often, we don’t know what we have until it is gone. But that cannot be said about Amy and Jeff.

Amy and Jeff are clear about what matters most, and their new marriage will truly be the benfactor.

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