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Orange County Engagement Photography – Jennefer and Michael

on a day last fall, much like most days, i found myself going thru a list of emails, checking off to-do’s, when i got to one of my favorite things in the world… a new inquiry. as i read thru the contact info from this bride-to-be, i could already tell i liked her. instead of the one-sentence send me pricing please, she actually took the time to share a little about herself and the excitement she had for her wedding.

about half-way thru her introduction jennefer shared that she too was a wedding photographer and would love to fly us out to the great state of texas for her wedding just less than a year away. immediately, pride welled up in at the invitation from another professional and was quickly followed by a mild case of sweaty palms.

game on.

the bar had been raised and i was ready for the challenge.

this past week, michael and jennefer hopped on a plane and we had the chance to shoot some engagement photos, and more importantly, spend some time getting to know them & their story. they are caring people. they are intentional people. they are talented people. and we couldn’t be happier for jennefer & michael and the life & marriage before them.

here’s a little glimpse into the time we got to spend together at one of my favorite wilderness parks here in south orange county… and, you’ll have to wait for the rest of the story until later this year, but i promise it will be worth it. carlie & me, alongside our friends steve & ben from threaded films, will be jetting out to the lone star state this fall, for the sure-to-be AH-MAZING wedding!

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Los Angeles Wedding Photography – Stephanie and Rusty

he stood atop the helipad, 34 stories above downtown los angeles, peering out over the LA skyline. and then she slowly stepped up behind him and cupped her hand over his eyes and beckoned him to turn around. before she gave him that first look, she gave him a quick kiss, eyes still covered. and when she removed her hand, his jaw dropped to the rooftop.

rusty and stephanie tied the knot after meeting in vegas, a story you can read about from their engagement shoot. in stephanie’s words, they are exact opposites. he’s athletic… and a short-track speed-skating olympic medalist at that… and she’s not. she loves all different types of food, and he only likes 2 or 3 types of food.

but, as they say, opposites attract… and that is exactly how it is with stephanie and rusty. so, with their closest friends and family surrounding them, steph and rusty pledged their lives 452 feet above downtown los angeles. and what followed was a pretty rockin party!

here’s a glimpse at their cool & modern wedding.

of course, we could have not captured stephanie and rusty’s story as we did without the amazing team of vendors that poured into this wedding. here’s the credits…

coordinator: jemie sae koo
cinematographer: cloud 9 cinematography
florals: flower genie
treats & sweets: my sweet and saucy shop
cake: rossmoor bakery
dj: so cal dj
string quartet: dynamic ignition
hair & makeup: theresa huang
linens: la tavola
photo booth: flashlife photobooth
wedding dress: monique lhuillier

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Laguna Canyon Engagement Photography – Jessica and Anthony

remember high school.

prom and friday night football games. too much homework and no more recess. puppy dog crushes and high school sweethearts. that’s where jessica and anthony first met.

meeting in high school, i can only imagine what it was like when jessica first took notice of anthony… and at 6’4“ it was probably before anthony took notice of jessica, just peering over 5’1”. regardless of who saw who first, it was junior year when anthony got the idea that the cute girl at school might say yes if he asked her out on a date.

and when jessica said yes, anthony grabbed even more courage… this time to ask his mom for the keys to her mustang. and when she said yes he knew it was game on… time to put his best foot forward.

having done some homework via the food network, anthony found mama cozza’s, a boutique hole-in-the-wall italian restaurant in anaheim. and he planned their dinner with just enough time to eat, grab the check and drive the 2 miles over to the Disneyland parking lot where… with much suave… anthony rolled back the top of the convertible just in time for the beginning of the nightly Disney fireworks show. yup… he pulled out all the stops.

and the here’s the kicker… it worked:)

jessica and anthony. high school sweethearts. that’s a story worth remembering.

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